Authentic PVCu sliding sash windows to replace timber frames


These days installing PVCu sliding sash windows to a property is proving a very popular way to secure and modernise the exterior and at the same time maintaining a traditional, authentic appearance with all the benefits of enhanced energy efficiency and low maintenance.

On a number of older buildings – typically those from the 18th century – timber framed vertical sliding sash style windows (or ‘Georgian windows’) are very much a common, characteristic feature.

In many areas with such properties, you might find that keeping such sash style windows is compulsory especially if you’re located in a designated conservation area.

PVCu sliding sash windows replicate the look of the traditional timber sash windows – and have been approved by a number of Local Authorities even within conservation areas.

At Window Wise we stock PlatinumNRG windows – their modern PVCu sliding sash windows are easy to use, virtually maintenance-free and accepted by most planners.

The PlatinumNRG FlushSASH windows incorporate a traditional timber appearance with a sash that sits flush within the frame. This leads to a pleasing aesthetic and helps create equal sightlines, and the unique new 85mm deep frame incorporates seven chambers for optimal thermal performance and strength.

And if you need a classic appearance or a traditional white or woodgrain finish on your windows for the outside, don’t think you’re stuck with a similar look on the inside.

Dual colour frames are a popular choice with sliding sash windows providing added flexibility and choice when it comes to interior decorating. You can complement a more traditional colour for the exterior with a different colour and finish for the inside.


Unlike timber windows, PVCu sliding sash windows never rot, peel, flake or rust. So no more regular repainting or varnishing to maintain their appearance – all they need is to be wiped clean occasionally. Our PVCu sliding sash windows also have a tilt position enabling ease of cleaning from the inside!

A-rated energy efficient glazing, means drastically reduced heat loss – saving you money each year. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust estimate that, on a semi-detached house, the saving on energy bills can amount to as much as £110 per annum!

Controlling temperature and ventilation is easy with sash windows by opening both the top and the bottom of the window in equal amounts will provide optimum air flow.

There is of course the added benefit of improving sound-proofing, giving you a quieter and more peaceful living environment.

And finally, in terms of security, our windows are certified as being ‘Secured by Design‘ –  a police security initiative thus providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

With so many styles of PVCu sliding sash windows available,  you’re sure to find a style that will suit your home.

Visit our Window Configurator to design the perfect windows for your house online – you can even superimpose them onto a picture of your home to see exactly how they’ll look.

If you’re in East or West Sussex and would like a quote for our PVCu sliding sash windows then please contact us via our online form and someone will be in touch to assist you with your requirements.