Alumina Bi-Fold Doors

The only sculptured bi-fold door currently on the market, the Alumina range of bi-fold doors breaks new ground with superb strength, high security, low U-values, sculptured lines and an optional foiled exterior.

Designed from scratch by Liniar, the Alumina bi-fold is billed as a ‘true aluminium bi-folding door system’. It takes all the traditional benefits of using aluminium in a door and improves on it.

With 18 door configurations, 5 handle options, 4 sets of hinges and rollers, 5 threshold options, and many colours and foils available, you’re guaranteed to find an Alumina bi-fold door fit for purpose.

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Match your doors & windows

The ideal situation for a homeowner is to have both matching windows and doors. But, for many homeowners who have been satisfied with an aluminium door they have purchased, the extra cost for matching aluminium windows over PVCu windows isn’t justifiable.

The Alumina door, however, solves the problem of matching up windows and doors by tackling the it from the other direction.

Thanks to the option of a sculptured finish, as well as the colour options available, Alumina’s doors can be configured to match the design of PVCu windows and ensure your home has a consistent look on the outside.

By choosing Alumina, you do not need to compromise in any capacity.

Your door your colour

Alumina doors are supplied as standard in plain white, black or grey powder coated finishes, as well as a traditional woodgrain pattern.

Alongside these standard colours, Alumina bi-fold doors can be fitted with a number of different coloured and factory fitted foils, enabling you to colour-match with your existing PVCu windows and doors and ensure a truly aesthetically pleasing exterior to your home.

Precision-fitted, these foils remove the cold touch of the aluminium and are guaranteed for 10 years against discolouration.

Efficiency & Security


Warmth is not usually associated with aluminium windows and doors, but the Alumina range is different.

Large thermal breaks and a thermal insert in innovative single-piece lock lead to fantastic U-values from 1.5 for double-glazed and 1.2 for triple glazed.

All things considered, the Alumina bi-fold door offers excellent energy efficiency, and will keep you warm while helping you save on energy bills for years after installation.


With Alumina you can be sure of the highest security. Its suite of hardware includes multiple bi-directional locking points, shootbolts, built-in anti-lift features and anti-bump cylinders that have led to it being certified as ‘Secured by Design’.

Alumina’s one piece lock gives clean lines and an unrivalled lock appearance, meaning Alumina doors are just as beautiful when they are in operation as when they are closed.

Operation & Maintenance Guide

Choose your configuration

The Alumina bi-fold door system comes in 18 configurations, so it can be truly tailored to your needs:

1-1-0, 2-1-1, 2-2-0, 3-2-1, 3-3-0, 4-3-1
4-4-0, 4-2-2, 5-4-1, 5-5-0, 5-3-2, 6-5-1
6-6-0, 6-3-3, 7-6-1, 7-7-0, 7-4-3, 7-5-2

NB. 5-3-2 means there are 5 total frames, with the door opening leaving 3 frames on one side and 2 on the other.

Fully bespoke


The Alumina bi-fold door has many different options for handles, hinges, rollers and thresholds, give you plenty of choice and helping you add the perfect finishing touches to your purchase.

Handles, Hinges & Rollers

Easy to open and close, Alumina bi-folding door moves smoothly and effortlessly along a sleek stainless steel track and are ‘bottom rolling’, not top-hung – meaning no extra stresses are placed on the building’s lintel.

The door accessories come in the following colour options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Dark Chrome (Hinges & Rollers only)

With three threshold options, including a Part M compliant low threshold measuring just 23.5mm high, Alumina is designed for family living.

  • 62mm Frame Only
  • 62mm Frame and 150mm Cill
  • 23.5mm Low Threshold
  • 26.5mm Low Threshold and Half Ramp
  • 26.5mm Low Threshold and Full Ramp (Part M Compliant)

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