Sheerline Bi-fold Doors

These beautiful bi-fold doors will flood your home with light and give you the pleasure of true indoor-outdoor living.

With slimline frames and an effortless gliding motion, these doors can cover spaces up to 6.5m wide. They also look fabulous when used as single or French doors.

Thanks to the strength of aluminium and innovative Thermlock® technology, your new doors won’t just look great, they’ll also keep you warm and secure.

Configured to suit your space

Up to seven Sheerline Prestige bi-fold door panes can be combined, allow you to fill spaces up to 6.5m wide and 2.6m high.

The doors can also be fitted singularly or in pairs as French doors, so even narrower openings can benefit from Sheerline.

Excellent thermal efficiency

Sheerline’s Prestige bi-fold doors are constructed using innovative Thermlock® technology.

The multi-chamber design insulates the doors, acting as a thermal break to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Keeping your home secure

Aluminium is a naturally robust material, but Sheerline have gone even further to ensure that their bi-fold doors protect your home.

All lock options include anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick protection. The joins in the frame are manufactured with a patented technique, creating an exceptionally strong door.

For added security, full height locking mechanisms are available on some door styles.

Expert installation service

Sheerline produce exceptional bi-fold doors, but you will only see the full benefits if they are installed correctly.

We have over 30 years’ experience serving customers around Sussex with craftsmanship, quality and care. We will ensure that you select the best bi-fold doors for your home and install them professionally, with minimum disruption.

Classic and contemporary styles

The beautifully balanced Sheerline Prestige bi-fold doors are available in two styles.

The ‘stepped’ version (to the left) is a classic style which suits homes of any age.

The ‘flat-faced’ style (to the right) is a more contemporary option.

Threshold options

Once you have chosen the style for your new bi-fold doors, you can also select from four threshold options.

All of them include fully weather-sealed rebates to ensure your home is kept safe and dry.

Colour choices

The frames are available in a choice of nine traditional and contemporary colours, plus three anodised finishes. These include cream, agate, anthracite, squirrel (shown here) and black.

You have the option of selecting a different colour for your interior and exterior, so you can achieve the perfect look for your home.

Finishing touches

The streamlined appearance of these doors is further enhanced by the internal handles, which fold away when not in use.

This flush design echoes the Sheerline window range, unifying the appearance of the doors and windows throughout your home.

All Sheerline bi-fold doors are designed to glide open and shut smoothly and effortlessly.

They use a one-piece stainless steel track to give a fluid action, with hinges which can support 120kg, ensuring that each pane remains perfectly aligned.

The doors’ drainage system is neatly concealed so you don’t see any ugly drainage cover caps.

The hidden drainage also keeps water and dirt away from the track, helping to maintain a reliable operation.