Internal glazing bead – chamfered vs. ovolo styles

Part of choosing the perfect replacement windows for your home is deciding on the most appropriate style of internal glazing bead.

Factors such as the age and style of your home will influence your decision as to the style of internal window beading that will best complement your property for the long-term.

Here we talk you through the most popular styles.

What is internal window beading?

Internal window beading refers to the functional and decorative trim that’s used to secure a pane of glass in a window frame.

Window beading

Chamfered or ovolo windows?

Chamfered and Ovolo are the two most popular styles, and there are some clear distinctions to help you choose between them.

Chamfered beading

Chamfered beading is characterised by its angular cuts. The term ‘chamfered’ refers to a bevelled edge, usually cut at a 45 degree angle.

This type of beading creates a clean, modern look with straight lines and defined edges. It’s often used in contemporary architecture and design to achieve a minimalistic aesthetic.

Chamfered beading

Equally, chamfered beading can be used with a more traditional window style, combining period design with a sleek profile. This works extremely well with PVCu windows, which are often chosen as a low-maintenance option for customers wishing to keep the integrity of period style homes.

With aluminium windows, a chamfered edge can create a striking aesthetic for both contemporary and period homes.

With aluminium windows, a chamfered edge can create a striking aesthetic for both contemporary and period homes.

Features of chamfered beading

Angular design

The 45 degree angle gives chamfered beading a sharp, distinct profile.

Sleek aesthetic

Its clean lines contribute to a minimalistic appearance.


Suits a variety of window types and styles, including casement and sliding sash windows.

Ease of cleaning

The straight edges make it easy to clean compared to more complex profiles.

Ovolo beading

Ovolo beading is characterised by its curved or rounded profile. The term ‘ovolo’ comes from classical architecture, where it describes a convex moulding with a semi-circular cross-section.

Ovolo beading has a more traditional appearance, adding a touch of elegance and classic style to windows. It’s often found in older homes or buildings with more ornate designs.

PVCu windows use ovolo beading to great effect.

Ovolo beading

It is also a popular beading style for customer who choose timber windows for more traditional homes.

Timber Windows

Features of ovolo beading

Curved design

The rounded edges create a softer, refined look.

Traditional aesthetic

Ideal for adding a classic or historical touch to a property.

Decorative appeal

The curved profile can add depth and interest to window frames.

Choosing Between chamfered and ovolo internal beading

When deciding between chamfered and ovolo beading, considering the architectural style of your home, your own personal aesthetic preferences, and your maintenance requirements will help you to make the right decision.

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