Safety measures during the COVID-19 outbreak


In accordance with the latest guidelines from both the government and the GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) Window Wise has put together procedures and processes to ensure the health and safety and wellbeing of our installers, our sales personnel, our Surveyor, Installations Manager and you, our customers.

Please take time to read through this COVID-19 Operating Code of Practice, this forms a basic outline for us all to comply with.

What you can expect

Window Wise will contact you in advance to arrange any visits, including sales appointments, surveys, installations and servicing work.  We will be asking you to confirm that you and any members of your household are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have not experienced a positive diagnosis.  If this is not the case then any visit/installation will be deferred for at least 14 days.

You will be asked to confirm if there are any persons within your household currently identified as most at risk, such as over 70’s, and/or with underlying health issues.  In accordance with government guidelines work should not be undertaken in these circumstances and any visits should be re-scheduled.

Anyone from Window Wise visiting your property will, where possible, arrive in separate vehicles to avoid possible cross contamination, although where this may not be possible the necessary precautions will be undertaken using the appropriate PPE.

All equipment will be cleaned before use.

Prior to entering your property, the Window Wise representative/Installer will use hand sanitiser and put on the appropriate PPE.

Please do not be offended if we do not shake hands, a friendly smile will be good enough!

Safe distancing will be maintained at all times, maintaining a minimal 2 metres ‘social distance’, this will be necessary when answering your door and when we are in the same room.

You will be asked isolate yourself from our installer/s and away from the ‘installation area’ by occupying a different room in the property.

Sales Appointments and Initial Quotes

Sales appointments, discussions and quotations will, where possible be carried out using electrical means eg phone, facetime, zoom or by bespoke virtual show room and by quotation software.  Where and whenever it is necessary to make a visit for a sales appointment then the procedure will be as previously explained.


This will take place by our surveyor once a contract has been agreed, it is necessary to complete this ‘final survey’ for manufacturing purposes, our surveyor will need to measure all items (windows and doors) both externally and internally  in order for us to proceed with the manufacture and then the installation.

Please allow a minimum of a 3 day period between anybody cleaning the outside of your windows and doors and the date of survey.

Please can you wipe down the interior of all the frames to be measured, in particular all ‘fittings’/handles with disinfectant wipes or with a suitable alcohol cleaner.

Please ensure that there is good, clear access both internally and externally to the work areas, including the removal of ornaments from internal sills/window boards.

Our Surveyor will undertake external measurements first.

Our Surveyor will then re-apply hand sanitiser and change to clean, disposable gloves (if deemed necessary) prior to entering your property.

Where possible, windows and doors will be opened to improve ventilation and ‘air-flow’ to each room whilst the survey is being undertaken.

Once the survey/measuring has been completed, all frames, handles and fittings that have been touched will then be wiped down using disposable wipes and/or a disposable cloth.

At all times, please maintain the 2 metres ‘social distancing’

What Can Be Done to Prepare the Installation?

In order to avoid touching your belongings and furniture and the potential spread of the virus:

Please allow a 3 day period between the cleaning of the outside of your windows and doors and the installation date.

Remove any ornaments or house plants from the internal window boards/sills.

Remove curtains, net curtains and blinds.

Where possible and practical to do so, please move any furniture away from the windows and doors that are being replaced (the working area).  Please note these will be covered and protected by our installers using our dust sheets.

Please wipe down the interior of the frames, windows/doors and all fittings that are to be replaced using disinfectant wipes or a suitable alcohol cleaner.

Please ensure that there is good, adequate clear working access to all work areas.


If you are having a considerable amount of work done it is likely to take a number of days to complete the installation.  It is requested that you allow access and the use of WC facilities and the use of a hand wash basin, our installers will be using PPE and hand sanitizer and these facilities will be left clean after use.

Protection in the form of new or freshly laundered dust sheets or disposable covering will be used for the floor and furniture in the rooms and the immediate working area.

Please do not offer any refreshments, the installers will bring their own refreshments with them.

On completion of the installation our installer/s will wipe down all frames and fittings, both internally and externally using disposable wipes and/or disposable cloth with the appropriate cleaner.

All rubbish and debris will be removed from site on a daily basis.

‘Handover’ documentation, including our product care and maintenance guide, incorporating our guarantee will be left with you and also sent to you electronically.

A visit/follow up call will be made to confirm that you are happy with the installation and can operate the handles/locking etc

FENSA Certificate

Once the installation has been completed and you have indicated your satisfaction with the product and workmanship, the necessary and appropriate FENSA certificate will be forwarded, you will receive this within four weeks of the completion of the work.


Window Wise will be taking every precaution to limit the risks and exposure to the COVID-19 virus, however, we cannot guarantee this will be eliminated completely, you are encouraged to continue to follow government guidelines regarding ‘social distancing’ and washing hands.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in helping us to ensure your safety and that of our ‘Window Wise Team’

Yours sincerely

Tim Briggs & Richard Morgan (Directors)


The Glass and Glazing Federation has published a guide for homeowners which you may also find useful to read.