5 new year resolutions for your home

As we welcome in the new year with excitement and anticipation of a new era, it is perhaps time to take stock of your home. Consider those improvements which have been ‘on hold’ and make a new year’s resolution to get them done in 2020.

These are our five recommended home improvements for the new year:

1. Fix that draught and create a warm, energy efficient home

No-one wants a cold home, it’s no fun over the winter months. Poorly installed and ageing doors and windows can develop draughts as seals deteriorate. They tend to offer poorer insulation than “new generation” modern designs. All our windows incorporate Planitherm energy efficient glass, thus providing an “A” rated level of energy efficiency as standard.

Replacement with new, energy efficient, well installed doors and windows won’t just keep your home warm. It will also reduce your heating costs and at the same time make your home more secure.

2. Open out into the garden

You might not be thinking about getting out in the garden right now (brrrrrr!), but in a few months’ time it will become a more enticing thought.

There are many solutions which will make it easier and more enjoyable to use your garden. Bi-fold concertina doors open fully to make the garden part of your home.

Alternatively, either traditional or contemporary styled patio doors and French doors will also provide easy access to and from the garden. They are a great option where there is less wall space available or a more traditional design is desired.

3. Sort out that condensation

If you have a frequent problem with condensation on your windows, it’s time to chat to one of our experts. It may be that all you need to do is improve the ventilation in your home (more top tips about reducing condensation).

Installing new, replacement, energy efficient windows might also be the answer. Let us help you identify the cause and recommend a solution.

If there is condensation between the panes of glass in your window, then a replacement is definitely required!

4. Get some kerb appeal; improve the look and style of your home

The appearance of the entrance to your home isn’t just important when you’re selling up. You walk through your front door every day, as do your family and friends, so make it an entrance to be proud of. And, at the same time, enhance your home’s security.

Our front doors come in a wide range of styles and colours with fixtures to suit every age of home and preference of homeowner. And, all our doors are expertly fitted by our team to minimise your inconvenience and ensure the best possible standards of craftsmanship.

5. Earn up to £225 in Marks & Spencer gift cards!

We know that most people choose Window Wise because of a recommendation from family or friends. So, we want to say thank you to those who are kind enough to spread the word.

If you have been a Window Wise customer and know someone who needs new windows, doors or even a conservatory, you could earn £25 in M&S vouchers the first time you recommend us. This grows to £100 for the fifth person you recommend us to, who goes on to use our services.

Full information on our reward scheme.

Ready to make your resolutions?

If you’re ready to improve your home in 2020, or recommend us to a friend, then give us a call on 01444 45 71 45 to speak to one of our team or visit our Haywards Heath showroom.