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Our new generation PlatinumNRG PVCu windows are manufactured locally using profiles extruded by Liniar, one of the leading UK profile extruders. PlatinumNRG is the brand name given to our new generation of exclusive energy efficient ‘slimline’ PVCu windows. Without a doubt the most popular product within our range.

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The new generation PlatinumNRG window system is widely regarded as one of the best performing products currently available, maximising increased thermal efficiency provided by the multi chamber profile and incorporating the latest innovative energy efficient glass.

This combination means that our high performance PlatinumNRG windows are offered as standard with an energy efficient ‘A’ rating wherever possible, helping you save money and at the same time helping the enviroment.

The PVCu profile is extruded in the UK and is 100% lead free, with the unique slimline profiles designed to maximise glass area and reduce frame thickness. This combination of advanced design, quality engineering and specialist manufacture results in our windows conforming to BS7950 and provides the highest security possible by meeting the required ‘Secured by Design’ standard.

Please try our CAD design window configurator, a simplistic, user friendly tool to enable you to create and visualise your own window designs. Not specific to any particular product, but it will provide you with the flexibility to add or edit our profile system yourself by imputing a few dimensions. You can add any frame colour and make the frames look like PVCu, timber or aluminium. You can even superimpose these images onto a photograph of your property.

The PlatinumNRG3 window incorporates triple-glazing using three panes of glass which form two insulating layers. this provides the highest levels of combined heat insulation and sound reduction and at the same time considerably enhances security.

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Almost indistinguishable from double-glazed windows with it’s slimline profile, yet far superior in terms of performance. The innovative 6-chamber PVCu frame eliminates the need for expensive thermal inserts and uses structural PVCu for rigidity rather than heat-conducting steel.

Triple glazing will retain heat and therefore save energy and reduce heating costs unlike any other window type. It will also reflect heat back into the room due to the internal panes of Planitherm Total+ glass incorporated within the sealed unit

PVCu windows that will make your home considerably warmer, quieter, safer and more environmentally friendy place to live.

Imagine a window where the opening sash fits snugly within the frame… well imagine no more.

PlatinumNRG Classic PVCu windows are available in a wide range of designs, from Georgian to Edwardian or from town house to country farmhouse.

Styles that are sympathetic to the character of your home yet crafted with modern materials. Each window provides high levels of energy-saving insulation, equally insulating against noise and offering enhanced levels of security.

Our attention to detail includes the use of timber effect finishes for the frames with opening sashes to match or contrast. The flush-faced sashes sit within the window frame, which automatically ensures equal sightlines and pleasing aesthetics. Even our hardware replicates period ‘monkey-tail’ designs and faux window stays.

Revival System from PlatiniumNRG faithfully replicates period timber window styling, right down to the details of conventional timber hardware, such as a working stay and peg, which can be specified and easily fitted.

Replicating yesterday… Today
Designed for every style of property, new Revival System takes a magical step back in time for the great looks of authentic timber window detailing but with all the benefits of low maintenance PVCu windows.

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The unique new 85mm deep frame incorporates seven chambers, for optimal thermal performance and strength, with a classic, deep sculptured edge detail with transoms and mullions that are mechanically jointed to replicate traditional mortise and tenon joints.

The new range of FlushSASH windows bring back the traditional timber appearance where sashes fit flush in the frame, reproducing character and style, providing low maintenance, high security, enhanced sound insulation and energy saving efficiency.

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These traditional style windows and doors are crafted using environmentally friendly lead free PVCu profiles, and can be specified with energy efficient double or triple glazed sealed units for optimum energy performance and sound insulation.

The FlushSASH timber effect PVCu windows have achieved an A+5 energy rating, making them the perfect choice for the energy conscious consumer looking to replicate their current window design or to put the original style back in to their property.

PlatinumnNRG’s SlimSASH has a larger glass area which allows more daylight into your home, but still achieves outstanding energy efficiency due to a 6 chamber sash construction. SlimSASH has a slimline profile that minimises the frame thickness for a larger glass area, which allows more daylight into your home, but still achieves outstanding energy efficiency due to its 6 chamber sash construction.

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These slim profile PVCu windows have a chamfered external profile with a choice of chamfered or sculptured internal beading.

SlimSASH is available in an extensive range of finishes so you can create the perfect look to suit your home.

Key features

Energy Efficiency

BFRC certificate for the Window Wise A Rated windows

  • Multi chamber frame and sash profiles.
  • Energy efficient glass.
  • Warm edge spacer bar.
  • Argon filled sealed units.

All combine to provide increased thermal efficiency, giving our PlatinumNRG Classic PVCu Casement Window, a BFRC Window Energy Rating of ‘A’.


Security features of PVCu Windows

  • Bi directional dual roller cam central lock..
  • Additional single roller cam locking points.
  • Twin Shootbolt Locks.
  • Twin concealed hinge bolts.
  • Internally glazed for enhanced security.
  • Complies to BS7950.
  • ‘Secured by Design’ upgrade available.

PVCu Windows style features

  • Flush sash design giving authentic timber appearance.
  • Mechanical joints replicate traditional mortise and tenon.
  • Wide range of timber grain effect finishes.
  • Choice of matching or contrasting frame and sash finishes.
  • Period look handles and window stays available.

Ideal for traditionally styled properties and certain conservation areas.


PVCu Windows

  • Made using 100% Lead Free PVCu Profiles extruded in the UK.
  • Manufactured locally reducing transport emissions.
  • Energy efficient performance helps reduce carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.
  • Waste PVCu and Glass recycled for use in non premium products.
  • Water used in PVCu extrusion process recycled through filtration plant for reuse.

Looking for a particular colour?

With a variety of colours and colour combinations to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to visualise what a window will look like.

To help, we’ve put some of our more popular colours together so just click the colour you would like to view and the window on the right will transform into your choice.

Explore our range of handles?

We fit white key locking handles to our PlatinumNRG window as standard.

These can be upgraded to a variety of contemporary or traditional handles to suit both your home and you.

Take a look at our glazing options

We provide a range of obscure glass options – some that are based on decorative design, and others that lean more towards privacy.

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Obscure Glass

Based in Haywards Heath, we design and install stunning PVCu Windows throughout the whole of West Sussex and East Sussex, down as far south as Seaford, Brighton and Worthing, up to Pulborough and Horley in Mid Sussex. Across to East Grinstead, down to Crowborough and Uckfield, including all the surrounding towns and pretty villages of Sussex.