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Our modern, stylish conservatories are the perfect place for relaxing, playing or dining. These cost effective home extensions give you the extra space you need and add value to your home.

Select from an unlimited choice of styles, shapes, finishes and colours to your own, unique requirements, to create your perfect conservatory. Our team will help you design the conservatory of your dreams and provide detailed drawings of how it will look.

When you’re ready to go ahead, our expert installers will construct your conservatory with minimal disruption and maximum care.

Then all you need to do is enjoy your new space.

Conservatory shapes and styles


new home improvementsThe traditional Victorian style conservatory is still a favourite today. Its enduring popularity is thanks to it suiting houses of any style, traditional or modern.

A typical Victorian conservatory will include a bay front, steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details.

These conservatories have a particularly open and airy feel.


Edwardian style conservatories, also known as Georgian conservatories, bring an understated grandeur to homes of all ages.

Generally rectangular in shape, an Edwardian style conservatory has a high, four sided roof, maximising the light entering the room.

Thanks to their symmetrical design, these conservatories make stunning dining rooms.


Contemporary conservatories offer a design sophistication best suited to modern homes.

Clean lines allow light to flood in and exemplify the contemporary conservatory style.

Grey is a particularly popular choice for contemporary conservatories, giving your new room a subtle elegance.

Mono Pitch (lean to)

BiFold DoorsA mono pitch conservatory is an excellent choice for homes where upwards space is restricted (such as bungalows) or which simply don’t suit a taller conservatory.

The mono pitch creates a perfectly understated, Mediterranean style sunroom.
They maximise floor space and light while being very cost effective.

Gable end

Gable end conservatories have a two-sided pitched roof with an upright, or gable end, at the front.

Like Edwardian conservatories, they have a rectangular shape, allowing light to flood in and making them easy to furnish.

With their grand and imposing appearance, gable end conservatories make a striking addition to period homes.


Loggia conservatories are inspired by the designs of Italian loggia rooms, which have one open or glazed side, often leading onto the garden.

Our loggia conservatories are constructed with super-insulated columns. These can be subtly narrow for a minimalist look, or wider to give the room a sturdier appearance.

Loggias give you all the light of a conservatory along with the feel of a permanent home extension.

P-shape or L-shape

P-shape or L-shape conservatories are ideal for larger properties, giving you an expansive and versatile space.

P-shape conservatories are usually constructed by combining a Victorian conservatory (the round part of the P) with a mono pitch (the stem of the P).

Similarly, L-shape conservatories are a blend of an Edwardian and mono pitch conservatory.


These impressively large conservatories are formed of a long section flanking the house with a central area jutting out from it.

They are ideal for large families as they effectively create two new rooms, joined in the centre by the porch-like stem of the T.

The T-shape works equally well with Victorian, Edwardian, gable end and more contemporary style conservatories.

Stress-free installation

It isn’t just the quality of our products that our customers love, it’s the quality of our service too.

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Mr & Mrs C of Burgess Hill

We have over 30 years’ experience installing windows, doors and conservatories in Sussex. We are regularly assessed by the manufacturers of our conservatories, Ultraframe, to ensure we meet their high professional standards of workmanship, compliance and customer service.

We strive to make your experience with Window Wise an enjoyable one from start to finish.

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Roof options

A stunning, fully glazed conservatory roof will maximise the light in your home throughout the year.

Our Classic style roofs give you the traditional look of a conservatory with the performance of the latest materials and technology.

Alternatively, our Ultrasky roofs give you an orangery-style appearance. Their strong central ridge means fewer glazing bars are needed, further increasing the light flooding in.

All our conservatory roofs are fully ventilated to minimise condensation.

A partially glazed conservatory roof gives you the feel of an extension with the brightness of a conservatory.

The roof panels can be arranged however you like, giving you light and shade wherever you want it.

The addition of solid panels will also help to insulate the room, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The solid panels are available in a smooth finish (our Livinroof range) or tiled (Ultraroof).

Many customers are now opting for a solid roof above their glazed conservatory walls.

Solid roofs are better insulated than glass ones, ensuring your new room is at a comfortable temperature all year round, without costly heating bills.

Our solid conservatory roofs are available in a smooth finish (called Livinroof) or with tiles to match your home (the Ultraroof range).

Wall options

Fully glazed walls maximise light and the feeling of being part of your garden. They are a particularly popular choice for contemporary and mono pitch conservatories.

Our glazing has excellent thermal efficiency, keeping your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Its high standards of insulation also help to keep out any noise.

Dwarf brick walls are a classic choice, particularly for Victorian and Edwardian style conservatories.

The brickwork provides continuity of design with your home, while the glass above it keeps the space light and airy.

Dwarf brick walls are also an excellent choice to provide you with a little more privacy if your garden is overlooked.

The grand columns of a loggia style conservatory don’t just look fabulous. They also provide a high level of insulation.

The technology used in the columns makes them five times more thermally efficient than standard brick columns.

Because they are prefabricated off site, the loggia columns are also easier to install than brick columns. This reduces the installation time and disruption at your home.

Your new conservatory can be configured with any type and combination of door; French, sliding and bi-fold doors being the most popular choices.

French doors are a traditional choice, though with today’s materials and designs they are far more secure and insulated than their forerunners.

Sliding or bi-fold doors look great on contemporary conservatories, and they can also be designed to suit traditional styles. These wide doors really enhance the feeling that your conservatory is part of your garden.

Frame colour options

Our conservatory frames come in a range of standard colours, including whites, greys, blacks and wood effects.

But you’re not limited by our standard range. You can select from around 2,000 different colours to find the perfect one to complement your home and your personal style.

Glazing options

Self-cleaning glass is the perfect way to maximise the light coming into your conservatory without the worry of keeping it clean.

We use Climate glass, which is specially engineered for use in conservatories.

The glazing will deflect heat in the summer and retain warmth in the winter, keeping your conservatory at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Its smart, self-cleaning coating uses the power of the sun to break down dirt and so the rain can wash it away.

Standard Climate self-cleaning glass comes in two colours; Clear and Blue. For superior solar control, Neutral Sunshield, Blue Sunshield and Aqua Sunshield options are also available.

Finishing touches

While modern conservatories are excellent at maintaining a comfortable temperature, some ventilation is still useful, particularly to minimise condensation.

Trickle vents ensure a natural upward movement of warm air, carrying moisture out of your conservatory, without causing a draught.

Roof vents provide additional ventilation, with the option of an electric opening system for ease of use.

Additional ventilation can also be built into the trims between the walls and roof.

A conservatory is a big investment, therefore it’s important that you can use it year round.

Heating options include under-floor heating, electric wall heaters or free-standing appliances.

All our conservatories are thermally efficient, so they will retain the warmth and minimise your heating bills.

We want your new conservatory to be a room you can use year round, and lighting is an important part of this.

Spotlights in the roof ridge create the perfect ambience as well as being a practical solution. Our spotlights are available in chrome, brass or white.

The finishing touches can make a real difference to your new conservatory.

We have a variety of decorative options for you to choose from, such as the ball finial shown here.