Environmental policy

The Directors and staff of Window Wise are committed to reducing energy consumption and thus reducing carbon emissions.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our policies

Carbon FootprintOur intention is that ‘year on year’ Window Wise reduces its carbon footprint in proportion to business size.

We have been installing lead-free PVCu Windows, Doors and Conservatories since 2001 and as of 1st July 2008 introduced extra steps to save energy and natural resources and we are committed to an annual review to improve on these efforts.

  • All waste paper is recycled.
  • All waste PVCu is recycled.
  • All waste glass is recycled.
  • To save water wherever possible.
  • Where practical, low energy lighting is used.
  • All non-essential electrical items and lighting are switched off over night (including chargers).
  • All printer cartridges are recycled.
  • Where possible all exterior windows have been fitted with gas filled glass to reduce heat loss.
  • Where possible all kitchen produce will be ‘Fairtrade’.
  • All suppliers have been sent a letter requesting their environmental policy and contract renewals will include an energy assessment review.
  • All travel is carefully planned and undertaken as efficiently as possible, minimizing journeys and vehicle sharing if practical.
  • All products sold will be energy efficient to an ‘A’ rated where possible.
  • All staff are periodically briefed on energy use and conservation issues.