Glazed Home Extensions

Create more style and more space to work, play or relax.

Whether you’re accommodating a growing family, need room for a home office or simply want to spread out a little more, our bespoke, glazed home extensions will give you the space you need.

We offer a range of options; anything from a solid roof extension designed to blend seamlessly with your home, to a strikingly contemporary glazed extension.

Most of the work to construct your new extension will be carried out before it’s even delivered to your home, minimising disruption, mess and inconvenience.

Your new home extension won’t just be beautifully designed, it will also be thermally efficient and built to give you many years of enjoyment.

Home extension shapes and styles

Flat roof

A flat roof extension is a stylish option which is particularly popular among homeowners seeking a more contemporary design.

These extensions can be constructed in any shape required, to maximise your space. They are a useful option if you have height restrictions, for example to ensure light still reaches upstairs windows.

The ceiling can be solid or you can let the light flood in by fitting skylights or roof lanterns.

Mono pitch (lean to)

Similar to flat roofs, mono pitch roofs are a useful choice for homes where upwards space is restricted.

The roof slopes away from the house, creating a more subtle appearance than flat roofs.

This style of extension works well with a partially or fully glazed roof, although a solid roof option is available.

Gable end

Gable end extensions have a roof with a two-sided pitch. The rear of the extension fits flush to the house and at the front is an upright “gable end”.

This style of extension gives your new room plenty of height and a striking appearance.

The roof can be solid, partially or fully glazed to suit your needs.


A double-hipped roof has a slope (pitch) on all four sides.

These are dramatic, stylish home extensions, which are often considered Edwardian in style, although they suit homes of any age.

The roof can be solid, partially or fully glazed, to suit the aspect and how you want to use your new room.


A P-shape extension is ideal for larger homes whose owners want to significantly increase their living space.

They are ideal for creating two new rooms, such as a dining room and living room.

They can be constructed with a flat roof, using skylights or roof lanterns to maximise light ingress. Alternatively, pitched roofs can be used, which can be solid, partially or fully glazed. A combination of pitched and flat roofs is also an option.

No fuss installation

One of the many benefits of a Window Wise home extension is that most of the work is carried out before we come to your home. Our extensions are manufactured by Ultraframe in their workshops. This minimises construction work at your home, making the installation process as stress-free as possible.

Our customers, and Ultraframe, demand only the highest standards of workmanship and we work hard to exceed expectations. Both our products and installation services are covered by a ten year guarantee.

We aim to make the process of extending your home a pleasure, from start to finish.

“Outstanding service from initial enquiry to completion of the installation.”

Mr & Mrs W of Lindfield

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Roof options

Flat roofs are an excellent way of adding a seamless extension to your home. They are particularly popular for creating new kitchens.

To bring light into your new room, you can opt for our Ultrasky Flat Skylights. Their edge-to-edge glass, neat internal finish and slim aluminium surrounds give you a contemporary look.

Alternatively, our Ultrasky Lanterns have a timeless style and give your room the feeling of extra height. Their strong central ridge means they need fewer bars to support the glazing, allowing the light to flood in.

Our fully glazed rooms give you the feeling of a permanent extension but with the benefit of a glass roof to bathe the room in light.

The performance glass keeps your room at a comfortable temperature year round and an insulated internal pelmet further adds to the thermal efficiency.

Glazed roofs are available in the Classic range or, for a lantern-style roof with fewer support bars, you can opt for an Ultrasky roof. Both give you precision engineering, incredible weather protection and the choice of a PVCu or aluminium frame.

A partially glazed extension provides you with the comfort and privacy of a solid roof, but also allows you to bring light into the room exactly where you want it.

Our partially glazed extension roofs combine full length solid and glass panels, in a configuration to suit you.

The Livinroof option is made from aluminium or composite panels and has a contemporary look. Alternatively, our Ultraroof range is tiled, enabling it to blend in with your home’s main roof.

Our solid roof extensions give you all the benefits of a traditional extension, but with less disruption and expense.

Ideal for properties which are overlooked, the solid roofs also provide extraordinarily high levels of thermal insulation.

They are available in our Livinroof panelled options or in the Ultraroof tiled roof.

These pitched roofs have a spacious, vaulted interior. However, they can also be installed with a suspended ceiling, to give you a continuous ceiling with adjoining rooms.

Wall options

Floor to ceiling glazing is an excellent way to connect your new room to your garden. It’s also a useful way to bring plenty of light into your space, even if you have opted for a solid roof.

Our glazing is highly insulated to ensure that your extension is at a comfortable temperature year round and to minimise noise disturbance.

Brick walls can be constructed to give your extension a more conventional feel. Plus, they are useful if you want to place tall furniture against the walls or hang pictures.

The walls can be configured to suit you; solid brick walls (with or without windows), full height brick piers with glazing panels either side or dwarf brick walls with windows above.

Using our super insulated columns to construct your extension will give your home a grand, contemporary style.

They are five times more thermally efficient than standard brick piers and can be wide or narrow, to suit your style preference.

They are made-to-measure for your home and, once delivered, quicker to install than brick columns.

You have complete flexibility to choose the type and position of the doors for your new extension. From simple back doors to expansive sliding patio doors, we will help you find the perfect combination for your new room.

All our doors include enhanced security features. The modern technology and materials we use ensure they are well insulated, keeping your home warm and draught free.

Frame colour options

The frames surrounding our glazing and solid roof panels are available in a range of standard colours and finishes, including whites, greys, blacks and wood effect.

If you’re looking for something more specific, you can choose from around 2,000 colours to find the one to suit you.

Glazing options

All our glazing is high performance, insulated glass, which will help keep your home extension at a comfortable temperature year round.

For glazing panels in your new roof, we fit Climate self-cleaning glass. This has a special coating which uses the power of the sun to break down dirt and allow the rain to wash it away – perfect for difficult-to-reach glazing.

Finishing touches

To ensure you can use your new room year round, you will need to consider heating options.

Under floor heating is a popular choice for our home extensions. Alternatively, stylish electric heaters (wall-fitted or free-standing) can provide you with the warmth you need.

Our extensions are highly thermally efficient, helping to minimise your heating costs.

Depending on the amount of glazing you have chosen for your roof, various lighting options will be available.

These range from roof ridge or pelmet lighting for glazed extensions, to a full range of spotlights and pendant lighting for solid roofs.

Features such as ball finials or decorative cornices, can further enhance the design of your home extension.

We believe that every detail matters and will help you choose the perfect finishing touches for your new space.