Aluminium windows

Our aluminium windows from have been designed to bring out the contemporary side of your home.

Combining strength, rigidity and slimline appearance, these windows are the architectural choice for specialist installations.


Product overview

Our modern aluminium windows come in a wide range of styles, colours and designs to suit almost any property.

The ultra slim sightlines of ‘direct fix’ aluminium window frames will give a home a contemporary look while, windows installed within a hardwood subframe provide a more traditional feel, particularly when used with a contrasting colour scheme.

The unique polyamide thermal break design combined with our standard 28mm sealed units, provide the thermal efficiency so important to today’s homeowner, while our vast array of available hardware allows for full customisation in terms of security, weather and functionality.

Aluminium windows also offer the perfect solution for the replacement of existing steel windows, replicating the appearance and slim sightlines whilst offering superior security, weather and thermal performance.

Key features

Key Advantages of Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium windows features

  • Slim sight lines.
  • 58mm or 70mm frame depth to accommodate varying types of applications.
  • Unique polyamide thermal break design to improve thermal performance.
  • Internally or externally glazed options.
  • Flat, chamfered or sculptured details to achieve traditional or contemporary appearance.
  • Double beaded option allows for internal glazing without the use of dummy vents.
  • Integrated deep head profiles for ease of trickle ventilation.
  • Accommodates standard hardware including friction stays and shoot bolt locking.
  • Available as ‘direct fix’ or installed with a timber subframe.

Based in Haywards Heath, we design and install stunning aluminium Windows throughout the whole of West Sussex and East Sussex, down as far south as Seaford, Brighton and Worthing, up to Pulborough and Horley in Mid Sussex. Across to East Grinstead, down to Crowborough and Uckfield, including all the surrounding towns and pretty villages of Sussex.


What are the advantages of aluminium windows?

Aluminium window frames are robust, secure and long lasting. Their inherent strength also means they provide a more slimline alternative to many other types of frame, achieving a sleek, authentic appearance.

Are aluminium windows better than PVCu windows?

Aluminium is certainly more robust than PVCu and therefore should last for longer. Whether aluminium windows look better than PVCu windows is down to personal taste!

Can aluminium windows be painted?

Yes, provided you use the correct type of paint. However, we do not recommend painting them as you are unlikely to achieve the same quality of finish as professional powder coating or anodising. Our aluminium windows are available in any RAL colour, so you will able to find the perfect match for your home.

How much do aluminium windows cost?

Aluminium tends to be 30-35% more expensive than PVCu, but cheaper than hardwood frames. While more expensive than PVCu windows, the extra longevity of aluminium frames gives homeowners excellent value for money.

Are aluminium windows energy efficient?

Yes. Modern aluminium windows are very energy efficient. The insulated frames act as a thermal break, keeping the cold out. Some aluminium windows are designed with a double rebate for additional heat retention and draught elimination. Plus, the slimmer frame means that more of your window is glass, which is an excellent insulator.

How long do aluminium windows last?

We expect aluminium window frames to last at least 25 years, possibly up to 50 years, depending on the weather conditions. And an extra benefit of aluminium is that, when you eventually replace your windows, the frames can be recycled.

Do aluminium windows rust?

No, aluminium does not rust, but it can corrode if it is not protected. All our aluminium windows are powder-coated to provide a protective barrier against the elements. For the ultimate in durability, you can also have the frames anodised. This process increases the surface layer of aluminium oxide; a natural barrier against corrosion.

Do aluminium window frames cause condensation?

No, aluminium window frames cause no more condensation than any other type of window frame. Energy efficient double or triple glazing is the best way to reduce internal condensation, along with keeping your home warm and well ventilated.

Can I install aluminium windows on a listed property?

Possibly, yes. Generally speaking, local authorities will require a ‘like for like’ window replacement for a listed property. However, if, for example, your original windows were Crittall steel, then your local authority may be happy for you to replace them with a matching design of aluminium frames.