Conservatory replacement in Buxted

I love my conservatory, whether I am sharing it with friends or enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of a sunrise or sunset. It is a place of relaxation and renewal and it has completed my home.

Earlier this year we were delighted to work with a client in Buxted, East Sussex, to replace an existing conservatory with something more stylish and energy efficient.

The detached home, constructed from traditional Ashdown brick, is in a raised position with wonderful views over the High Weald. The conservatory replacement and refurbishment was part of a larger renovation project to create a year-round indoor/outdoor entertaining space.

Problems with the existing conservatory

The original conservatory was constructed some twelve years ago. It suffered from a number of problems, including:

The client was keen to have a new conservatory which would allow use throughout the year. At the same time they wanted to make the most of their fabulous views across the open Sussex countryside.

The design process

We discussed the various options with the client and agreed to retain the existing conservatory base and some of the brickwork. We replaced all the windows, doors and roof.

Doorway decisions

While the footprint of the conservatory remained the same, some of the existing brickwork had to be removed. This allowed for adding a set of double doors to the front elevation of the new conservatory and replacing the existing, side double doors.

The additional double door access straight out onto the patio has proved useful when there are guests milling around. It also allows the client to open the doors fully on sunny days, for an unobstructed view of the beautiful garden.

Ultraframe Livin Room

We selected an Ultraframe internal perimeter ceiling pelmet design as the best choice for the project. This innovative product looks fabulous and provides something a little more substantial than a “Classic Roof”. The additional enhanced thermal performance keeps a comfortable temperature throughout the year, without excessive heating costs.

The roof glass we chose is high performance blue glazing. This not only ensures a bright interior but also helps to regulate the temperature. Plus, its self-cleaning properties keep the glass looking its best at all times.

Design details

An insulated, internal perimeter ceiling pelmet was fitted to add grandeur to the design and allow for integrating LED downlights.

Externally, we used a decorative curved cornice to disguise the guttering and further embellish the design.

Involving our client at all stages

The client was involved throughout the design process and felt that the finished conservatory exceeded their expectations:

The Ultraframe range addressed all the shortcomings in the original conservatory and increased the level of light in both the conservatory and the adjoining snug. I particularly like the opportunity to include an inbuilt lighting system in the internal pelmet and deep cornicing over the external guttering. The internal pelmet makes my conservatory feel more like a real room from the inside, it’s a great feature. Ultraframe has transformed the look and feel of the conservatory – it’s light and airy but also snug and cosy in the evenings. Best of all, I can see the trees and sky through the glass roof and the sunlight reaches much further into the house. Mission completed!

The finished conservatory



Combined with the landscaping work in the garden, our client’s new conservatory has transformed their home. In the daytime, they can enjoy more natural light in their house and clear views of the surrounding countryside. In the evening, they can now continue to use their conservatory to relax or entertain, even in the winter months.

And, from the outside, the new conservatory has added a wonderful feature to their garden. It has created the perfect venue for entertaining family and friends, whatever the weather.

The job is best summarised by the client:

I love my conservatory, whether I’m sharing it with friends or enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of a sunrise or sunset. It’s a place of relaxation and renewal and it has completed my home. Whilst Ultraframe was a product used by other installers, I chose Window Wise because they offered a polite and friendly service in the showroom and appointed me a project manager who visited every day and was on hand to ensure the smooth running of the project. It was clear that Window Wise values its staff and customers and their communication and after sales service was also excellent. I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Window Wise and every individual involved in the project – I would recommend them unreservedly.

Is your conservatory ready for a facelift?

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