Bi-fold, Sliding and French Doors – which is right for you?

Aluminium Bi-Fold DoorsFollowing the prolonged, hot summer that we have recently experienced in the UK, it’s no surprise that we have seen an increase in homeowners getting in contact with us who are now preparing for next year by wanting to ‘bring the outside in’ and enjoy the heat and sunshine in maximum comfort.

Installing an expanse of glazed doors can be a fantastic way to achieve this.

At Window Wise we provide top-of-the-range French doors, patio doors and bi-fold doors, each of which have their unique benefits and features depending on the level of practicality, style, design and security that you might require.

The majority of the time, such an installation will be on the rear elevation of a property and ideally leading from a kitchen or living room to an outside living space, patio or garden area.

If you make the right choice you will end up with an attractive and functional set of doors that will offer better views, let fresh air circulate and maximise natural light.

But which type of door is best for you?

Conventional-style, casement French doors

French doors normally comprise of just two doors, that open from side-hung hinges and can swing through a 180-degree range of motion with options for opening either inwards and outwards.

Ideally suited for homes that might not have the capacity for a larger opening, or period properties for which the style is a key part of the exterior aesthetic and where a whole wall area cannot be opened up and replaced with glass.

PVCu French Doors

French doors will enable both doors to be fully open at the same time, thus providing full opening of the aperture.

The basic configuration of French doors means that there is less of an importance placed on design for functionality. As a result, there are more options available to homeowners when it comes to choosing the style of both the glass and the door frames.

Generally, the smaller width of French doors compared to potentially vast sliding and bi-fold doors means that the installation cost will be cheaper.

Window Wise can provide French doors in both PVCu, powder-coated aluminium and timber, all of which come in a number of finishes and installed to the highest standard.

Visit our French doors page for further information.

In-line sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors, as the name suggests, open by moving to the side with each panel opening will slide in front or behind adjacent fixed units. There is also, if required, the option of multiple sliding doors on a triple track system.

Sliding doors prove to be a good choice when space is limited alongside the door; unlike bi-folding or French doors, no part of the door frame needs to swing away from the threshold.

The configuration of sliding doors ranges from two to four sections, meaning you’ll be able to replace an entire wall of your home if required.

However, with whichever configuration you choose, there will be a necessity to incorporate some fixed units.

In terms of budget sliding doors are at a mid-range price point; although more expensive than French doors, they aren’t as expensive as bi-folding doors.

Our range of sliding patio doors from PlatinumNRG come with ultra-thin PVCu or powder-coated aluminium frames, meaning minimal frame thickness and maximum glass area.

Either frame material comes with a modular locking system, four hook bolts and two shoot bolts in order to provide an excellent level of security.

Visit our sliding patio door page for more details.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are currently the fashionable and trendy option, particularly if you want to completely open up one side of your home without any interruption to the view.

These doors provide the most technologically advanced option of the three alternatives. The door panels move along a track and concertina into one another to create a seamless link between home and garden, with either all door panels folding back to one side or with a split in the centre.

It’s no surprise that these doors are the popular choice for more contemporary properties, although owners of more traditional homes are also frequently turning to them as well.

The ability to stretch across a wider span means that a number of configurations are available – at Window Wise we provide bi-folding doors that can be formed of between one and seven door panels, in eighteen different combinations!

BiFold Doors

However – this does mean that, when closed, there’s the potential for more door frames interrupting the view when compared to a sliding door alternative.

Bi-fold doors can also be fit with a ‘traffic door’ among their panels. This allows one to move quickly through the door without opening the whole thing.

Of the three, these are the most expensive option. This is to be expected simply due to the technology that goes into them, as well as their ability to be much, much larger than patio and french doors.

Window Wise can provide bi-folding doors in both PVCu and aluminium, including the unique ‘Alumina’ range, the only sculptured bi-fold door system on the market.

Available in a number of finishes, Alumina bi-fold doors combines efficiency and security with an extensive range of door furniture and colour finishes, providing customers with the potential for a fully bespoke product that can’t be bettered.

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