CE approval soon to be a legal requirement

CE MarkFrom July 1st 2013 it will be a criminal offence to install any windows and doors that do not clearly display an approved CE Mark

That’s why for over a year we have been only installing products that are already approved to CE legislation.

What is CE Marking?

A CE Mark is a mandatory conformity marking for products placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA). A CE Marking indicates to a customer that a product conforms to specific European technical standards, known as harmonised European Norms (hEN). Numerous household goods already display CE Marking.

Do I need CE Marks on my windows and doors?

Yes, from 1st July 2013 it will become mandatory for manufacturers of construction products, including windows and doors, to apply a CE mark to their products. The requirement is part of the Construction Products Regulation.

Who is responsible for CE Marking?

Under Construction Products Regulation, the manufacturer is classed as the company or individual that creates the finished ‘construction element’. In the case of windows and doors, this means the person who supplies the combined frame and glass.

Ultimately, your installer should check to ensure that all windows and doors are CE marked before they are installed into your property.

Why is CE Marking becoming mandatory?

The aim of Construction Products Regulation is to harmonise compliance with European standard EN14351-1 across the EU.

ceMarkLogoWhat does a CE Mark look like?

Shown right is a typical example of the type of label we will apply to your windows and doors which will include the product serial number.

Where is the CE Mark likely to be applied?

Our labels will be placed within the frame rebates so as not to disturb the external apprearance (windows with no openers will have labels in the outer frame rebates albeit not visible but excepted as marked).

Can I check the authenticity?

Yes, using the product serial number (AB/EW1 in the above example). You can then visit the website address shown which will display an individual Declaration of Performance document providing the authenticity of that particular product.