First in the UK! – Acoustic Rated Windows

Acoustic Rated WindowsOur windows are the first in the UK to achieve new BM TRADA Window Acoustic Rating label

Window Wise windows are among the first in the UK to achieve certification under the new BM TRADA Q-Mark Acoustic Window scheme, allowing them to display BM TRADA’s Window Acoustic Rating label.

The Window Acoustic Rating label demonstrates performance on a familiar A-G scale and displays decibel noise reductions (based on measurement of the weighted sound reduction (Rw) achieved by the specific window specification. For every 5 dB increment in the rating, noise is reduced by a factor of approcimately one half. All windows in our PlatinumNRG range incorporating Planitherm Total+ glass achieve a minimum of a ‘C’ rating under this new certification.

For the customer that demands the ultimate in acoustic performance, be sure to take a look at our triple glazed PlatinumNRG3  product range.

The tests are based on our standard range of Chamfered and Sculptured windows

The new rating label has been introduced to give purchasers a clear and simple way to compare the acoustic performance of varying window specifications and make a better informed purchase decision accordingly.