Choosing windows for period properties

In years gone by it was difficult for the owners of period properties to replace their windows with secure, long-lasting, energy efficient, double glazed options, without spoiling the appearance of their home.

Fortunately, those days are long behind us and we can now offer a wide range of beautiful window styles to suit properties of every age, design and character.

The benefits of Window Wise windows for period properties

Windows made from modern materials and up-to-date techniques have a number of advantages, including:

When upgraded with sympathetically designed windows, the characteristics of your traditional style home can be maintained or even enhanced. This, combined with the more practical benefits, can increase the value of your property.

Georgian property windows (1714 to 1837)

Casement windows

Coming into the Georgian period, casement windows (with hinges) were the most common type, usually constructed from small, individual pieces of glass fixed together with lead (“leaded lights”).

Towards the end of the 17th century, as larger sheets of glass became available, vertical or horizontal opening sash windows became more popular.

Sliding sash windows

Sash windows became very popular in the Georgian period. They started off with “Georgian” glazing bars creating eight or six windows in each of the upper and lower panes.

Later this reduced to two or just one plain piece of glass for each pane. They sometimes had Georgian bars dividing the top pane and none on the lower one.

Georgian bars

The glazing bars themselves were quite thick at the start of the period (up to 40mm) but gradually thinned to be as little as 12mm thick by the early 19th century.

Window shape

Georgian windows tend to be squared at the top; they replaced older, arched windows with squared one to reduce costs.

Window Wise windows to suit Georgian homes

PVCu windows

Our PVCu windows are designed to replace original timber windows without detracting from the appearance of the property, introducing great advantages in terms of energy savings and sound insulation.

Using the latest technologies, we can now replicate flush sash and slimline casement style windows, including authentic, surface mounted, astragal Georgian glazing bars, to perfectly suit your Georgian home.

PVCu windows

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PVCu sliding sash windows

We also offer PVCu sliding sash windows – traditional style and detailing combined with all the advantages of modern materials.

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Timber windows

Due to either being a listed building or being located within a local Conservation Area, timber may be the only option for your home.

Window Wise supply and install handmade timber windows designed to replicate original windows; these can be casement or sliding sash windows. They combine modern security innovations and double glazing with traditional craftsmanship and materials.

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Victorian property windows (1837 to 1901)

Styles of Victorian windows

A Victorian style house would most likely have been built incorporating vertical sliding sash style windows, although casement windows also remained popular in this period. And the Victorian enthusiasm for mock Tudor buildings could also mean that you have casement windows with leaded lights.

The Victorians followed the trend started by the Georgians for fewer glazing bars and, as a result, introduced sash “horns” along the bottom of the upper pane to strengthen the frame.

The Victorian era also saw the introduction of bay windows, some of which were structural and ‘load bearing’.

Gothic arches

The Victorians loved a touch of Gothic in their architecture, so windows often had elaborate designs and were arched at the top.

Introduction of steel window frames

As the industrial revolution progressed, steel window frames became more commonplace, although timber still remained the most popular choice.

Window Wise windows to suit Victorian homes

PVCu sliding sash windows

Our slimline PVCu sash windows are perfect for Victorian properties, they even come with the option of sash horns for that authentic appearance.

The ultra-thin frames provide timber-like profiles that can make these virtually indistinguishable from the original, Victorian designs.

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Timber windows

Window Wise can provide handcrafted, bespoke timber windows for a truly authentic look, designed to fit virtually any aperture, so even the most extravagant Gothic arch can be catered for.

Timber Windows

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Early 20th century property windows

Queen Anne revival

Early in the 1900s the Queen Anne revival took window design back in time, returning to smaller panes and thicker glazing bars.

Crittal-style windows

After the First World War the ongoing improvements in steel production lead to W F Crittal developing the Crittal-style casement window. These were cheap to produce and provided a sturdy, slim framework which competed strongly against traditional timber windows.

Bay windows

Bay windows continued to be popular in this period, both for the ground floor and continuing up several stories.

Art Deco

The Art Deco movement introduced an astounding array of window shapes, sizes and colours.

Window Wise windows to suit early 20th century homes

Aluminium windows

When replacing steel Crittal windows, powder paint coated aluminium is an excellent choice. The slim frames will perfectly match the appearance of the original windows.

Modern aluminium windows are slimline and robust, providing the added advantages of increased security and insulation.

Available with leaded lights or glazing bars, we are confident we can find the right design to suit your home.

Aluminium Windows

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“New generation” Platinum NRG slimline PVCu windows

Our slimline PVCu windows are an excellent (and the most popular) choice for properties of this period, allowing you to replicate the original style of windows, including bays.

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Replacing windows in listed properties or Conservation Areas

If you live in a listed property or in a Conservation Area then specific permissions may be required before you replace any windows in your home.

We can guide you through the planning approval process and provide you with all the necessary information about your new windows.

And our fitters are all highly trained and experienced; taking care of your property throughout the window installation is their primary concern.

Window Wise windows to suit listed properties and Conservation Areas

Timber windows

For listed buildings you would almost certainly need to use timber for your replacement windows, rather than more modern materials, to maintain the aesthetics of the original design.

Our timber windows are tailor-made by expert craftsmen using traditional skills and are available as casement or sliding sash windows, crafted to your exact specification and expectation.

Timber Windows

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PVCu windows

In Conservation Areas you may have more flexibility in your choice of materials for your new windows. Here our heritage styles of PVCu casement and sliding sash windows could be a perfect choice. However, please be aware that in certain Conservation Areas you may not be permitted to use PVCu.

PVCu casement windows

PVCu sliding sash windows

Expert advice

If you’re unsure which style and material would be best for your new windows, then our expert design team would be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you on the options available.

Please call us on 01444 457 145 or visit our showroom to discuss your project.