FENSA window and door installer approval scheme

Do you know…if you replace windows in your home the installation must comply with all current and relevant building regulations. This is a legal requirement. 

Window Wise is proud to be registered with FENSA, the government-authorised scheme that ensures all replacement windows and doors are installed in compliance with building regulations. 

What is FENSA?

The aim of FENSA is to improve the quality of services provided by our industry and, in doing so, protect homeowners. 

To achieve our FENSA accreditation we have undergone a strict vetting procedure to ensure that our work: 

We continue to be routinely visited by FENSA representatives to ensure that we continue to meet the standards required. 

So, how do you know if your installer is registered?

You can look your installer up on the FENSA website by location, name or FENSA number (ours is 10218). 

Once your new installation has been completed you will be issued with a FENSA certificate within about four weeks. This demonstrates that the work: 

Not only does the certificate give you this peace of mind, it’s also essential when you come to sell your property, as a FENSA certificate will need to be provided during conveyancing. 

Advice from FENSA

As well as vetting window and door installers, FENSA also provide helpful information and advice to homeowners. 

Here are a couple of their recent advice videos which you may find of interest: 

Why it is important to use a FENSA installer


Five essential questions to ask your replacement window or door installer


A quality installation, every time

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