Plan for a healthier home this autumn

We all recognise the intrinsic link between keeping our bodies and minds healthy and the way we feel. A fascinating article by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) explains how our homes can also have an impact on our health and how we feel – especially as we move into the autumn and winter months, when warmth, light and fresh air move up the priority list.

What is a healthy home?

A ‘healthy’ home is an environment where there is enough light, warmth and ventilation for those living there to feel comfortable.

The health implications of a damp environment where mould can accumulate are explained in the GGF’s article. Condensation is one of the most common causes of damp. Read more about condensation and how to prevent it.

We know how it makes us feel when we are in an indoor environment that feels ‘stuffy’ or the discomfort of draughty windows and doors, and there are wider implications for our pocket too.

A change of air

Having good ventilation in our homes is more important that we might think. A stuffy environment can make us feel sluggish and low in energy.

A well-ventilated environment ensures that air continues to be circulated, with fresh air constantly replacing stale air. This prevents moisture from staying in the air and alleviates the build up of condensation on cold surfaces – this in turn will avoid the issue of mould developing.

Warm and cost-efficient

Windows and doors that are built from good quality, modern materials can have a huge impact not only on the health of our homes, but on the cost-efficiency of heating them.

Draughty doors and windows are uncomfortable to live with, plus they are extremely inefficient at keeping homes consistently warm. When heat is literally flying out of the window, this has implications both from a cost and environmental perspective, as well as a negative impact on wellbeing.

Well-made windows and doors with modern seals and vents can do wonders to retain the heat that a household is investing in. This leads to savings in heating bills, a consistently warm environment and more efficient energy consumption – wins all round. Importantly, the impact on how the householders feel and the improvement in their wellbeing cannot be overestimated.

Let us help you plan for a healthier home

Our expert team are on hand to guide your through the options for improving your home. We can help you prioritise the aspects that will bring the greatest benefits for warmth and cost-efficiency.