The benefits of home improvements – from kerb appeal to energy efficiency

When it comes to way we feel about our homes, the pandemic has brought into sharp relief how important they are to us – as a sanctuary as well as an investment. In fact, two out of three of us have recently said that having a comfortable home space is more important now than ever before, that’s according to a survey conducted by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF).

The vast majority of us have spent more time at home in recent months and this has led to a resurgence both in home improvements and home moves. Time at home, for many with family members, has meant that the focus has been on our internal and external space, how it works for us and how it could perhaps work harder. Money that was perhaps destined for holidays has been invested in homes across the country.

We explore the ways in which home improvements can have benefits financially, environmentally and, importantly, for our wellbeing.

Judging a book…

There’s no denying the importance of kerb appeal when buying a house. In fact, GGF’s survey showed clearly that how important it is – with 65% of those surveyed confirming that an attractive, well kept exterior was critical to getting them through door to view the house in the first place.

Flaking paintwork, single glazed windows and a front door that has seen better days are enough to prevent 44% of people surveyed from viewing a house, even if the interior space was appealing.

Our own front door can be a wonderful thing – Jeanette Winterson

New doors can do wonders for a house. Whether it’s new front door to bring a touch of style, along with security and peace of mind, or patio doors to bring in light and to keep in warmth.

When you invest in new doors, not only does it add value to your home from a sales perspective, you are benefiting your pocket through managing energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint as a result.

Replacing older doors for newer, energy-efficient alternatives can significantly reduce your bills.

Modern materials such as aluminium, composite and PVCu, double or triple glazing and contemporary methods of sealing the units all contribute to safe, robust and environmentally friendly exterior doors.

When you consider that a quarter of the heat in our homes can be lost through inefficient exterior doors and windows, it’s easy to see how a warmer, safer and more environmentally-friendly home can be achieved.

A brighter outlook

When planning home improvements, installing state-of-the-art windows should be on the priority list. Improved energy-efficiency, enhanced lifestyle and savings on bills are the significant benefits of investing in replacement windows.

There are now so many options to suit the style of home and to address needs specific to particular living environments.

For some homes, timber windows might be more in keeping. For example, modern sash windows have energy efficient double glazed sealed units, and come internally glazed for enhanced security.

Aluminium windows can be used to enhance the contemporary side of a home. They combine strength and rigidity with a slimline appearance, allowing maximum light to flood in where this is a specific prerequisite.

For kitchens and bathrooms, where there is naturally more moisture, good ventilation can make a huge difference the quality of air in the rooms and, as a result, to quality of life.

Creating space and light with a conservatory or orangery

Conservatories are a cost-effective way to extend your home and to create a perfect place for relaxing, playing or dining, depending on the needs of your household.

There are so many styles to choose from, whether Victorian, Edwardian or contemporary. It’s even possible to take inspiration from Italian loggia rooms with just one open or glazed side.

Conservatories are a great way to give your home extra space without the sometimes prohibitive cost of a full extension, but they can still add value and the important sales appeal to your home.

For some homes, orangeries can provide the best of both worlds.

Orangeries combine the light of a conservatory with the structural elements of a conventional extension. Because of this, they are extremely versatile spaces. Orangeries have the feel of a room that is very much part of the house itself, which makes them an excellent investment.

When designing your orangery, it’s possible to maintain light and space by incorporating windows and doors all round, or by introducing brick piers to give that substantial feel.

A warm welcome

A simple improvement such as a well-designed and in keeping porch, that makes the most of the available space, can be a really clever investment.

Not only do they add that all-important kerb appeal, porches can be a really useful space for coats. bags and shoes, they also provide another layer of insulation at the entrance to the house, which has a positive impact on energy-efficiency and the warmth of your home.

Making the most of your space with an extension

Investing in an extension can create more space to relax, work and play and can transform the way you, and potential future buyers, view your home.

Today, extensions are more versatile than ever before, with beautiful design possibilities to truly enhance your home. You may want to accommodate a growing family, create more space to work, or just have more living space. Whether a seamless continuation of your home, that looks like it’s always been there. or a minimalist, contemporary space – you’ll certainly have no shortage of choice for design possibilities.

Nowadays, homeowners feel empowered to make a statement – often combining a character house with a sleek, modern extension. When it’s beautifully designed and built, anything goes.

Importantly, any new extension will be thermally efficient so that you can be sure of its environmental credentials.

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