The new generation of aluminium windows

Stylish. Secure. Robust. Durable. Warm.

Sheerline is the ultimate in contemporary window style.

The unique design, with a “flush sash” option and no glazing bead, gives Sheerline windows a unique, sleek, elegant appearance. The frames are strong, durable and well insulated – keeping your home safe and warm for decades to come.

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About Sheerline

Aluminium windows are a stylish, practical and a more popular choice for modern and traditional homes.

The Sheerline Classic has all the benefits you expect from aluminium; subtle frames, strong materials and impressive durability.

But the innovative Sheerline range does so much more than this. The frames are exceptionally slim and without glazing beads. This allows the maximum amount of light to flood into your home.

Despite the slimline design, Sheerline windows have unparalleled levels of security. Plus, thanks to Thermavic® insulation technology, they will keep your home warm and cosy throughout the winter months.

Our expert team are on hand to help you choose from the many design options available. We will install your new windows with the minimum disruption, whether as replacement windows, or as part of a new home build or home extension.

The Sheerline Prestige is an excellent choice for a contemporary home, or to replace steel Crittal-style windows in an older property.

Prestige windows share many benefits with the Classic range; beautiful design, strength, durability and security.

A unique advantage of Prestige is that the window sashes sit flush in their frames, providing a minimal, sleek finish. The Prestige frames are wider than the Classic option, further enhancing the contemporary look.

These robust frames also add to the thermal efficiency of the Prestige range. The frames themselves offer increased insulation, plus they will allow for triple glazing to be installed, if required.

Speak to our team of experts to explore which of the Sheerline options would best suit your home and your needs.

Key features


Slim, beadless, Sheerline windows have a clean, contemporary style. And the Prestige range’s “flush sash” give these windows a beautifully sleek, minimalist appearance.

They are available in a range of colours and finishes. The various profile and handle options make them an excellent choice for both modern homes and period properties.

Choosing the right Sheerline windows for your home will give it the “wow factor” and allow sunlight to stream in.


Despite the slim frames and lack of beading, Sheerline aluminium windows offer unrivalled security and meet the PAS24 security accreditation.

A patented jointing method strengthens the frame corners, securing both the frames and the glazing.

Multipoint locks and hinge protectors provide additional safeguarding.

To further enhance the security of the glazing, you can upgrade to our laminate glass, accredited by the UK police “Secured by Design” scheme.


Aluminium windows are prized for their longevity, and the Sheerline range is no exception to this.

You can expect your new Sheerline windows to last at least 25 years. Depending on the weather conditions they could still be looking great and performing well for 50 years.

Energy efficiency

All Sheerline windows are constructed using patented Thermavic® technology. This system incorporates multiple, sealed chambers into the design of the frames. Each chamber acts as insulation to keep the warmth in and cold out.

High performance double glazing further enhances the energy efficiency of these windows.

The Prestige range offers additional insulation, including the option to install triple glazing.

Where opening windows are fitted, these have double rebates and in-built weather seals to prevent any draughts.


Aluminium is a highly sustainable resource. In addition to being abundantly available in the earth’s crust, it is also impressively recyclable.

Thanks to its robustness, and modern recycling processes, 75% of the aluminium which has ever been produced is still in use. In fact, any aluminium waste from the production of Sheerline windows goes straight back to the Welsh foundry it came from, for recycling.

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Based in Haywards Heath, mid Sussex, Window Wise supply and install Sheerline Classic and Sheerline Prestige aluminium windows throughout West Sussex and East Sussex.

With over 30 years of experience, our expert team work across the towns and villages of our beautiful Sussex location. This includes Seaford, Brighton, Worthing, Pulborough, Horley, East Grinstead, Crowborough, Uckfield and Lewes.

We will help you find the perfect Sheerline aluminium windows for your property and install them with the minimum disruption to your home.