Working from home? Get more space, the easy way.

Many of us would like to have more space in our homes, particularly as home working is now so commonplace.

But the thought of months of disruptive building work and the high associated costs can be very off-putting.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our bespoke extensions provide an easy, speedy and cost-effective way of enlarging your home.

Does it have to be a glass extension?

Well, a glass extension or conservatory is one option…but it is by no means the only option.

Don’t get us wrong, conservatories are great! They provide a wonderful “indoors out” setting for relaxing or dining.

But they are not always the best solution if you want to use your extra space for more practical purposes, such as creating a home office or family room.

Beautiful extensions, tailored to your needs

Our custom-made extensions give you unrivalled flexibility to create the extra space you need.

The walls and ceiling are configured to meet your exact requirements. Whether you want full glazing, partial glazing or no glazing, we can create a room to suit most requirements and give you that extra space to enjoy.

A bespoke design is particularly important if you need a home office. We can help you to create a room where you can enjoy plenty of natural light, but without glare onto computer or TV screens. And we will ensure that all your office storage requirements are taken into account.

How you want to use your new space will also guide decisions about artificial lighting and heating. If you are likely to be working in the room, then we will ensure you have appropriate task lighting, so the room is perfectly lit even in the winter months.

We can incorporate heating as part of the installation work – perhaps underfloor heating would suit you best, or maybe even a log burner? If you are concerned about it getting too hot in the summer, ventilation and the latest innovations in glass technology will reduce heat build-up.

Even the smallest details can make a big difference to your enjoyment of your new room. We can help with all these decisions, such as making sure plug sockets are the right places and choosing flooring which will be both practical and beautiful.

Style is important too!

There are many styling options available. You can make your new extension blend into your existing home or turn it into a stunning design statement.

Your unique, custom-made extension can be adapted to any age of home. From a Victorian style to a state-of-the-art contemporary feel, we can create an extension which will perfectly suit your home and lifestyle, while adding value to your property.

We can use brickwork to match your existing home and our glazing profiles are available in every colour imaginable.

If you opt for a solid, tiled roof (with or without skylights or lanterns), you can choose from a range of tile colours to match your house.

Will I need planning permission?

More often than not, this type of extension will fall within “permitted development” and, therefore, will not require planning permission. However, there are exceptions, usually relating to the location and overall size of the proposed extension.

The Window Wise team will help you ascertain whether you need planning permission and, if you do, assist with the application. Furthermore, compliance with building regulations may be required for the installation; we can also help with this.

Over 30 years of creating stunning home extensions

We have over 30 years’ experience designing and installing bespoke extensions and conservatories. We believe that extending your home should be an exciting, pleasurable experience. So, we do everything we can to complete the installation efficiently and with the minimum disruption.

Call us on 01444 45 71 45 or email to find out more about our home extensions.

What can I say…. what a breath of fresh air!!! Window Wise delivered a fantastic service from the moment I picked up the phone to enquire about their services to the day of completion of works! Highly efficient, professional, friendly and caring service that delivered a fantastic product at a fantastic price! Excellent customer service and value for money. I would highly recommend Window Wise!

Josie Quin