Building regulation changes from 15th June 2022 – trickle vents

New building regulations that come into effect from 15th June 2022 have implications for any windows that are installed after this date.

All new and replacement windows will need to meet these regulations or will fail the FENSA inspection, and will therefore not be eligible for a FENSA certificate.

Natural ventilation

The specific focus of the building regulation updates is to ensure adequate natural ventilation.

This is achieved though the installation of appropriate ‘trickle vents’.

What are trickle vents?

Trickle vents are positioned at the upper frame of a window or door. They provide a constant, small amount of ventilation into the room, even when the window or door is closed.  They are available as a permanent, fixed vent or as controllable vent that can be opened and closed.

Their overarching purpose is to improve the quality of air in a room, and a reduction in condensation.

The important details

It is our role to understand the intricacies of building regulation requirements, so that we take this concern away from you.

As a FENSA registered installer, we are recognised by the government-authorised scheme that ensures all replacement windows and doors are installed in compliance with building regulations.

Here is a brief summary of the updated stipulations that need to be adhered to where windows are being replaced:

The installation of appropriate trickle vents involves careful assessment of the room that needs to be ventilated and the positioning of the vents within the building’s façade. This will ensure comfortable and adequate ventilation, whilst managing draughts and external noise.

Energy efficiency requirement

The new building regulations coming into effect from June also specify certain requirements for thermal efficiency – this means that a particular ‘U Value’ needs to be achieved:

Certain types of window glass have superior energy efficiency built-in, which enable them to meet the required regulations. These products have a technologically-advanced coating that captures the natural energy from sunlight, whilst retaining heat within the home.

The products that Window Wise supply and install all comply with the U Value requirement stipulated in the last building regulations.

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