Snow resistant conservatory and home extension roofs

We choose to fit Ultraframe roofs for our conservatories, orangeries and home extensions. We have worked with Ultraframe products for years and believe they have standards of quality and attention to detail which are second to none.

One of the many reasons we choose Ultraframe, is that their roofs are precision-engineered for the weather conditions at each of our customers’ homes.

Postcode-specific design

The Ultraframe roofs we install are anything but “one size fits all”.

When designing the roof for your conservatory, orangery or extension, we don’t just concentrate on the styling (although that is very important!). We want to fit a practical, effective roof which will withstand the weather conditions in your location.

All Ultraframe roofs are engineered using specialist software. This identifies the worst possible weather conditions at your postcode and designs the roof to withstand them.

So, the structure of the roof will differ slightly from a home on the balmy Sussex coastline to one on the high points of the Downs where snowfall can be heavier.

Why solid roofs are a particular problem

Many homeowners might think that glazed roofs are most at risk from heavy snowfall. In fact solid roofs can be more of an issue.

Snow can be a particular problem for thermally efficient solid roofs. Because of their excellent insulating properties, they lose little warmth through the roof. This means it takes longer for the snow to melt, when compared to a glazed roof, increasing the stress burden.

The Ultraframe “Livinroof” and “Ultraroof” roofing options, ideal for home extensions or conservatories, are among the lightest on the market. Nevertheless, they are exceptionally strong. Like all Ultraframe roofs, they are engineered to withstand the weather conditions at your specific location.

Discover more about Ultraframe roofs

Whether you are planning a new home extension or conservatory, or need to replace the roof on an existing one, Window Wise and Ultraframe will have the perfect choice for your home.

Window Wise is a member of Ultraframe’s “Ultra Installer Scheme”. This is a demonstration of our high professional standards and experience in fitting Ultraframe’s products.

Call our design team on 01444 45 71 45 to discuss the options and how our Ultraframe roofs are engineered to cope with the worst of the weather where you live.